Jodi Einarson

Owner, Cause & Effect Wellness Within

Health Coach Certified

Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Certified in Natural Health Fundamentals

Certified in Nutrition: Studies and Applications

I am a lover of all things WELLNESS!!  Over the past 7 years I have been blessed to study, grow and learn about who I really was and what I needed to keep my body and soul in alignment.  I am now able to be present, not only to myself but to those who just need a little support on their journey.  Whether it is tips for anxiety, tools for detoxification or gentle positive motivation, I am here to hold space for you....this is my mission!  We are all a work in progress, and that is perfectly OK.  What matters most is that we are constantly moving forward with an open mind knowing we all have the ability to choose again.

Mind     Body     Soul

“I asked Jodi for assistance because I was experiencing "new to me" digestive issues.  She was able to engage with me on how I was currently eating, what my comfort level was and provide a situational analysis on what was potentially going on and why.  With this information we have been able to tweak my diet to something that has solved my issues but also works within my life.  She is super informative and helpful.  I am excited to continue to work with her.



I love Jodi's approach to health.  I went to her when I was struggling with my food and she really helped me take a healthy approach to a lifestyle dieting!  I am forever grateful.
Jodi is an exceptionally talented Health Coach, she brings her clients a sense of calm and well being just with her presence.  Her attitude and commitment to her clients achieving their health goals is inspirational.

Miranda Rodrique

Dawn Elgin

Kathleen Bell

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